After years vacationing and boating in the Pacific Northwest, my wife and I now live in wonderful Anacortes. We love cruising the San Juan and Gulf Islands or further north to Desolation Sound with the myriad of places to drop anchor in between.  After college, I spent 20 years in the Navy as an aviator.  Stationed in San Diego for most of my Navy career, my pleasure boat experience grew. I have cruised in the near coastal waters of Southern California as well as Baja, down to Ensenada, Mexico. The Navy taught me the importance of nautical safety, including a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals- planning, navigation, communications, systems operations and crew coordination. Most important, knowing your limitations as well as those of the vessel and crew. As an enthusiastic boater for the past 38 years I’ve owned and/or operated both power boats (gas, diesel, single or twin inboard). I have more than 2,600 hours operating various pleasure and charter boats.

Credentials and Certifications
    • USCG Merchant Mariner Credential Reference # 2849572
    • Master, 100 tons, Near Costal, Commercial Assisted Towing
    • Recreational Powerboating Association (RPBA)- Certified Instructor (ID #2016001553)
    • Independent Charter Boat captain/instructor/checkout skipper for yacht charter companies
    • Member of Northwest Marine Trade Association

    Vessels Recently Operated
    • President 41, 41ft LOA, twin inboard

    • Meridian 490, 54ft LOA, twin inboard

    • Ocean Alexander, 42 LOA, twin inboard

    • Bayliner, 47ft LOA, twin inboard

    • Monk, 39ft LOA, single inboard

    • Bayliner, 32ft LOA, twin inboard

    • Nordic Tug 40, 37ft LOA, single inboard

    • Cooper Prowler, 42ft LOA, twin inboard

    • Bayliner 4087, 42ft LOA, twin inboard